Some basic features of plate-analyzer

Plate analyzer was written by scientists specifically for High Throughput Analysis of flow cytometry data. Predominantly designed for 384 well plates it can be used with 96 well plates. The software reads the wells from 384 well plates based on a specific nomenclature using well number. The entire plate is loaded and analyzed as a single unit but any well or set of wells can be analyzed instantly and independently. The software is the only package available to do high speed classification of 384 well data for flow cytometry available on the market. No other package produces fully gateable IC50 plots. No other package provides such a rich assortment of analytical tools or gives instant reviews of data from an entire plate based on any parameter or combinatorial relationship between any parameter.

Note: Software requires a license file available from Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories. Requests should be sent to jpr(at)

Features Gallery:

Features List:

  • Analyze the entire 384 wells in single task with multiple single plate visualizations
  • Any combination of gating (no limits on number of gates)
  • Full Boolean relationships
  • Multicolor gating—unlimited gates
  • Graphic display of gating relationships
  • Advanced classification tools
  • Visualization of the entire plate based on any parameters, any single or any combination of wells
  • Produces CSV files of results
  • Produces IC50 curves directly from flow cytometry list mode files
  • Full 3D graphics with full plate rotations based on any parameter or combination of parameters
  • Always shows every parameter collected and all parameters are gateable all the time
  • Every graphic can be saved to PPT or Word as a metafile
  • Axes and all parameters for every graph are totally controllable and variable
  • Time is fully gate-able, plotable & scaleable
  • Saves protocols for repeat analysis
  • Shows % of gated cells per well and/or total cells per well
  • All histograms and plots are scaleable
  • Any gate equation can be instantly applied to every well on the plate instantly
  • Visualize any parameter in any well, with one clickof the mouse
  • Create customgate maps from any combination of wells on the plate
  • Create gating parameters from the "< than" or "> than" of any gating cursor on any histogram
  • All gated strategies are displayed at all times
  • All areas of the screen are reconfigurable in size and shape
  • Speed: On a standard laptop, less than 10 seconds to open 384 wells/4000 cells/well; 7 param/cell
  • Plate-Analyzer operates in multicore mode (if available)
  • Operates in XP or Windows 7 or Vista (64 bit version available)
  • Executable file is a single EXE file of 2 megabytes in size
  • Takes less than 0.5 second to open the program - it is essentially instantaneous
Reads standard FCS listmode files numbered correctly (utility converter available)